The Importance of Regular Fire Extinguisher Maintenance: Common Problems and How To Address Them

Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguishers help us prevent so many disasters in our daily lives, by using them we can control small fires before they turn into big ones. Just like any other equipment, fire extinguishers too need regular maintenance to work optimally and function smoothly in case of an accident.

Let’s understand why this maintenance is important and what problems can arise if we don’t pay attention to its regular upkeep. 

Why Routine Maintenance Is Crucial

All appliances, devices, equipment and tools need regular maintenance to work in top condition. You need to get their upkeep done periodically to ensure that any issues that surface are dealt with in time and don’t become a bigger problem and doing this also helps in extending the lifespan of your extinguishers.

Over time many issues like rusting, corrosion, clogging, deterioration of seal and o-rings, etc. can prevent the equipment from functioning properly. These issues surface commonly because these safety equipment aren’t used daily and are used only when there is a necessity.

Common Issues with Fire Extinguishers

Some of the typical problems that can occur with your fire extinguishers are: 

  1. Pressure Problems – All fire extinguishers have a pressure gauge on them, that shows whether the pressure is low, high, or just right. If the pressure is too low then the extinguisher won’t work when it’s being used, if the pressure is too high then it could malfunction or in some situations even explode. So it’s important to check the pressure gauges periodically to confirm that they are working in the safe operating range.
  2. Wear & Tear – With time, fire safety equipment can suffer from some physical damage and general wear and tear. Even minor damage like dents can compromise its functioning and impact its structural integrity, making it unsafe for use.
  3. Blockage in Nozzles – Debris and residue can block the nozzles of the extinguisher, which can block the flow of the extinguishing agent. This can hinder the extinguisher’s functioning in an emergency fire situation.
  4. Leaking Seals – A seal that isn’t properly in place can lead to leakage of the extinguishing agent. This way you might not even realize when the whole extinguisher has emptied and when you’ll try to use it in an emergency it’ll be useless. Other than this the leakage can also create a dangerous situation for those individuals who might come into contact with these chemicals without being aware of the leakage.
  5. Expired Components – The components of an extinguisher can expire too, such as its chemical agent, cartridge, etc. Using an extinguisher that has expired components can be ineffective and dangerous.

Ways To Address These Issues

  1. Regular Inspections – Get your fire extinguishers periodically checked (monthly or quarterly) to ensure that they are working in top-condition. Look for signs of any wear and tear, check pressure gauge, signs of corrosion, dents, etc.
  2. Servicing – Get annual servicing done by a professional fire extinguisher company to address complex problems like corrosion, chemical agent refilling, part replacement, etc. Professionals can help you check and repair the extinguishers properly to ensure that they are safe to use and are functioning optimally.
  3. Replacements – In case the extinguisher can’t be repaired due to it being an outdated model or it’s replacement parts not being available, then it is suggested to replace the whole extinguisher with a new one. 
  4. Handline and Storage – Ensure proper handling and storage of the equipment so that it does not sustain any damage. Keep it safely under the recommended temperature and weather conditions as extreme temperatures can cause damage to it.
  5. Training – Train your staff so that they know what are the signs of damage in an extinguisher. Conduct sessions to educate them about how to use an extinguisher in case of an emergency.

Firemaster: Your Partner in Fire Safety

We at Firemaster understand that having comprehensive fire safety measures in place is not just a regulatory requirement but rather a vital practice that can save lives and property. We offer a variety of fire safety services such as inspections of fire extinguishers, their maintenance and even training your staff to ensure that they are able to use extinguishers incase of an emergency.

Contact our fire extinguisher sales team to learn more about our services and how we can help you stay ready for such situations.

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