man using fire extinguishers

FireMaster offers a wide variety of portable and wheeled fire extinguishers. If you are looking for the right extinguisher to meet your needs, we are sure to have it. Fire extinguisher sales is one of our key services, ensuring you get the best product for your requirements. FireMaster also provides superior service in the form of testing, maintenance, recharge and repair of your portable fire extinguishers. Our technicians provide comprehensive maintenance and service, meeting or exceeding industry standards, to ensure your portable fire extinguishers function when you need them.

For fire extinguisher sales, our local offices and warehouses stock all commonly used extinguishers, parts, signs and a wide assortment of safety related items. For convenient one-stop service, our service vehicles are also often stocked with a large inventory of replacement parts.

FireMaster also provides comprehensive fire extinguisher training programs for your employees and staff. Through training programs from FireMaster, your employees get the training they need in the handling and use of all types portable fire extinguishers, as mandated by OSHA. They learn how to react effectively during an emergency, the proper fire extinguisher to use for the type fire and how to use fire extinguishers properly to suppress or extinguish a fire.

With hands-on training programs from FireMaster, our expert instructors demonstrate the techniques of fire control, explaining how to assess the situation and calmly manage the hazardous environment. Employees learn everything they need to know, including the different types of fires and then the proper fire extinguisher to use. They’ll learn hazard classifications and the PASS principle (pull, aim, squeeze, and sweep). Hands-on experience provides the employee with an opportunity to extinguish a controlled fire, helping employees build the confidence they need to quickly control a small fire.

Our fire extinguisher sales team ensures that the equipment used in training is also available for purchase, maintaining consistency and reliability. Other than this, our fire extinguisher sales also include consultations to help businesses choose the right extinguisher for their specific needs.

The result? A safer working environment.

Our Fire Extinguisher Training Programs meet the requirements of:

OSHA Standard – 29 CFR 1910.157, (g) (1) through (4) Fire Protection – Portable Fire Suppression Equipment



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