FireMaster has partnered with some of the top names in the fire protection industry to ensure that we can provide our customers with a comprehensive array of fire suppression products, equipment and services available over an extensive geographic footprint. FireMaster is always adding new products to our lineup in order to deploy the most modern and effective fire suppression products and solutions. We even provide an institutional cooking fire suppression system to keep your business safe and thriving.


Through our direct relationship with the Johnson Controls, we offer the ANSUL and PyroChem fire suppression product lines. ANSUL fire protection products are developed and tested at the ANSUL Fire Technology Center in Marinette, Wisconsin, one of the most extensive fire research and testing facilities in the world. ANSUL is such a core component of many commercial cooking operations and institutional cooking fire suppression systems that the kitchen fire suppression system is often simply referred to as the “ANSUL” system.


FireMaster also offers automatic fire suppression systems manufactured by FireTrace. FireTrace manufactures a reliable, cost-effective, automatic fire detection and suppression system that can be installed in almost any micro-environment. Common applications for installation of FireTrace systems include computer server racks, CNC machines, electrical control cabinets, fume hoods and cabinets, buses, heavy duty equipment, and wind turbines. The flexibility of these systems allows them to be deployed in many places that would otherwise require expensive total-flood systems but for a fraction of the installation and maintenance cost of such other systems.


Denlar offers a line of residential/institutional integrated range hood systems utilizing wet chemical fire protection technology. These cooking hoods have a lower price point and with an integrated fire protection system have less ongoing maintenance costs while at the same time providing excellent fire protection. These units are perfect for student housing, day care centers, churches, or other locations with small cooking venues, lower volume or less frequent cooking use.

FireMaster is committed to maintaining a fire suppression product line that includes state-of-the-art systems and equipment and capable of providing needed protection for most common commercial, retail and industrial needs. If you have a unique fire protection need or specialized area or equipment coverage that has not been mentioned above, please be sure to contact us for a consultation. For the installation of commercial/institutional cooking fire suppression systems or for a unique fire protection need that is not mentioned above, please contact us for a consultation.



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