A thorough cleaning of your hood and duct system on a regularly scheduled basis by a properly trained and certified technician is one of the best ways to protect against kitchen fires and the losses due to a fire. FireMaster adheres to the highest standards for training and quality standards in the kitchen exhaust cleaning industry.

FireMaster kitchen exhaust cleaning technicians work closely with our kitchen suppression system service technicians so that in many instances, hood and duct exhaust cleaning and system service can be coordinated so both jobs are done at the same time. This minimizes your kitchen downtime and allows for a thorough cleaning of your kitchen hood and a proper inspection and service of your fire suppression system in a single visit.

Moreover, our specialized kitchen exhaust cleaning service is designed to eliminate grease buildup, ensuring optimal airflow, reducing energy consumption, and maintaining a safe environment in your kitchen. Regular kitchen exhaust cleaning not only enhances fire safety but also extends the lifespan of your equipment and maintains compliance with health and safety regulations.



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