Explained: The Principle of Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Systems


The kitchen is an area where chefs try their best to create delicious meals for the customers. It is the heartbeat of any restaurant owner. However, it also becomes a reservoir of heat, making it susceptible to the risk of fire.

According to a report by the National Restaurant Association, more than 50% of restaurant fires are caused by cooking equipment. Therefore, the kitchen becomes a sensitive area that requires an efficient fire suppression system.

A kitchen hood fire suppression system is designed to keep a fire from raging out of control. It works like a fire sprinkler system, but it utilizes liquids, gasses, or other foam agents instead of water.

Components of a Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System:

A kitchen hood fire suppression system can provide unmatched protection against potential fire hazards with a combination of cutting-edge components.

  • Kitchen hood
  • Fire suppression agent in a storage cylinder
  • Supply piping
  • Automatic/manual activation systems

Together, these components form an impenetrable line of defense, providing peace of mind.

Working principle of a Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System:

Though different brands have their unique designs, the basic principle remains the same. The three essential elements for a fire to thrive are heat, oxygen, and fuel.

As the kitchen hood fire suppression system detects excessive heat or flames, it gets activated. The nozzles present all over your appliances and ventilation system start to discharge the wet chemicals through the pipes. These chemicals starve the fire of oxygen and cover the flame quickly. Moreover, the chemicals coat the surface, helping in saponification.. 

These fire suppression systems also cut off the power supply to the outlets under the hood. Once the system has done its job, restaurant personnel can contact their authorized fire suppression contractor. They will recharge the system cylinder and put it back into service.

Where are the systems installed?

Kitchen hood fire suppression systems are capable of protecting a wide variety of kitchen appliances. They are typically installed over stove tops, within the cooker hood, and even above deep fryers. This means they are strategically positioned to detect and quickly respond to any fire emergencies that might arise during cooking.

Benefits of Installing a Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System:

Installing a fire suppression system will not only protect employees but also help minimize fire damage. It will reduce potential repair costs that may occur in the event of a kitchen fire.

Since the system operates automatically, employees do not have to risk their lives by trying to extinguish the fire. It is super-fast in detecting and defusing a fire.

Additionally, the system can help restaurant owners save on insurance premiums, as many insurance companies offer discounts to establishments with fire suppression systems installed.

These fire suppression systems are easy to maintain and operate. Regular checks and servicing of the system by a professional technician can ensure that they remain in good working condition.

So, whether you’re a seasoned chef or a passionate home cook, a kitchen hood fire suppression system is an indispensable addition to your kitchen. It will act as your first responder, ready to leap into action at a moment’s notice.

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