FireMaster History and Prior Experience

FireMaster Offices and Truck Fleet Circa 1942Master Protection, LP, a Delaware Limited Partnership, operating under the trade name “FireMaster®”,designs, sells, installs and services a full range of fire protection equipment and systems designed to suppress and reduce damage from accidental fires (“fire suppression” systems or equipment). Since 1935, (by predecessors to the current company) FireMaster® has built a reputation for prompt, high quality service provided by technically proficient and highly trained service professionals.

We started in the 1960s in Southern California under a different name, and began expanding by acquiring various companies such as Carbonic Cylinders and Western Fire in Los Angeles. By the end of the decade, we acquired and adopted the trade name FireMaster®. Shortly thereafter, the FireMaster® trademark logo was used throughout the organization. We first incorporated in the 1970’s under the name “Master Protection Enterprises” and by the early 1980’s had become a leading regional fire protection company serving California, Nevada and surrounding markets. In 1988, we were acquired by an investment management firm. We incorporated that year in Delaware and our name was changed to “Master Protection Corporation”. We then conducted a growth and acquisition program that expanded our services throughout much of the United States.

FireMaster Phoenix Office – 1990sBefore the 1980’s FireMaster® delivered services through employees and independent contractors. In 1985, FireMaster® started franchising by offering FireMaster® service franchises to our independent contractors and employees. Franchises were offered in all life safety and fire suppression product codes including fire alarms, emergency/exit lights, restaurant kitchen systems, extinguishers and sprinklers. We also continued to provide services through company employees. During the period 1997 through 2004, we did not sell any new FireMaster® service franchises and began a re-evaluation of our core business structure and future growth strategy. This led to a reorganization of our services portfolio in 2004 resulting in the elimination of alarm and sprinkler products – and a shift in focus to concentrate on our core fire suppression business.

In 2001, FireMaster® was acquired by a subsidiary of Tyco International. Following that acquisition, a substantial portion of our former business operations, involving sprinkler and alarm contracting services were merged into another Tyco Affiliate, SimplexGrinnell, and integrated into SimplexGrinnell’s local operations. In September 2004, FireMaster® transitioned several life safety product franchises (fire alarm, monitoring and sprinkler system service) to SimplexGrinnell. Since then FireMaster® has focused only on our core fire suppression services business which includes: portable extinguisher service, kitchen systems installations and service, kitchen exhaust hood and duct cleaning and mining and industrial (inert gas) systems, equipment and services. We resumed the solicitation and sale of the new FireMaster® service franchises beginning in 2005 and currently deliver our portfolio of fire suppression services mostly through service franchisees, with occasional employee technicians in certain local district offices. 

In 2016, Tyco completed a merger with Johnson Controls.  The combined entity operates under the Johnson Controls name, now a global leader in building products and technology, integrated solutions, energy storage and information-based retail solutions.

The majority of our franchisees continue to partner with us after some thirty years of affiliation with FireMaster®, which is a testament to the goodwill, personal growth, income potential and professionalism our organization delivers.

Today, we remain a subsidiary of Johnson Controls Plc.  As a part of this global leading team, FireMaster® is dedicated to delivering single-source life safety solutions that meet the needs of our customers in all respects. In collaboration with our affiliate, JCI Fire, FireMaster® can offer you a total solution across all your fire protection, life-safety, security and building control needs today and in the future for many years to come.